TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 9: Snare Drum Fundamentals

Description: The Snare Drum is one of the primary and cornerstone percussion instruments in a band. Today we are going to reintroduce and highlight the parts and key aspects of Snare Drum fundamentals. Note, by not having a physical drum in front of you, you will need to take a moment to envision and reflect as though you have one at your fingertips. However, with your ingenuity it will be easy to make this adjustment! Let’s get started.

Snare Drum Fundamentals

  • Setting Up The Snare Drum

  • Tuning The Drumhead

  • Tuning The Snares

  • Playing Position

  • The Grip

To review the grip:

Step 1 – Stick on the first joint.

Step 2 – Curl the stick in off-center.

Step 3 – Thumb print on the stick.

Step 4 – Then palms are down.

  • The Three Major Strokes

  • Final Thoughts