TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 6: Jazz Articulations

Description: Today's topic discusses a variety of jazz articulations and articulation rules. The majority of this book is based on on Mats Holmquist's book, "The General Method: A New Methodology for a Tighter Big Band." I highly recommend this book and suggest you check it out!

The General Method

A New Methodology for a Tighter Big Band

By Mats Holmquist

Jamey Aebersold Jazz

  • The Brick

  • The Anthill

  • The Brickhill

  • The Dog

  • Distinction of Attack

  • Distinction of Release

  • Energy Release

  • Play with an Edge

  • Tongue cut-off

  • Inverted Accent

  • Ones and Zeros

  • The Short/Long Rule

  • "The Machine Gun"

  • The "TAH- Syndrome"

  • "Legato Prohibition"

  • The "Long Background Note" Rule

  • The "Phrasing Slur" Problem

  • The "Triplet" Rule

  • The Badger