Podcast Episode Season 4, Ep 26 Aired on 06/14/22

Description: In today's episode we will explore all the fascinating resources available to music educators and students from the Hoffman Academy Today's special guest is Mr. Joseph Hoffman.

Mr. Joseph Hoffman

Mr. Joseph Hoffman is the founder of the Hoffman

Academy and inventor of The Hoffman Method - the

innovative teaching approach used in his online piano


The Hoffman Method is rooted in childhood learning

theory and takes a multi-sensory approach to

engage children's natural curiosity and creativity.

As an experienced educator and pianist, Mr.

Hoffman can offer his expertise on...

  • the benefits of music to child development

  • how to implement online piano lessons as a

  • homeschool teacher or parent

  • how adding music lessons to the homeschool

classroom benefits children

  • how technology can help students learn to

play an instrument

TME Season 4, Ep 26 The Hoffman Method