TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 2: How to Create a Music Substitute Binder

Description: Being able to duplicate the process of making a substitute binder will allow you to deliver on your organizational teacher aspirations.

Have you ever been caught off-guard with school life and you find yourself in a surprise bind? All of a sudden you have to take a few days off of work due to a broken down car or the kids have come down with a case of the chicken pox. Or even worse you get an unexpected illness and there is a death in the family.

All of these scenarios would have panned out better if there had already been a plan in place in the event you had to take time off of work.

Simply put, the better organized you are the better outcome you can expect from your substitute and students.

  • The Substitute Binder

  • Binder Cover

  • Teacher Contact Info

  • Welcome Page

  • Substitute Report

  • General Contact Information

  • Schedules

  • Class Roster

  • Seating Assignments

  • Student Info

  • Procedures

  • Other Forms

  • Conclusion