TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 19: What to do After Playing the Flute

Description: The flute is an amazing instrument used in bands and orchestras all over the world. But what do you do after playing the flute? Do you just let it sit on a stand? Do you immediately put in it's case? Can you make the best recommendations for your flute students? Today we will identify some recommended steps for post performance maintenance of your flute.

Take It Apart

Use A Cloth

The Footjoint

The Body

The Headjoint

Some Tips

  • Consider all of the germs and micro-organisms that live in your instrument's wet places. Be sure to wash the cloth every so often. After awhile you will notice it will get noticeably dirty.

  • The effectiveness of a cloth that has been washed multiple times is actually more absorbent than a new cloth. Consider this in your maintenance schedule.

  • It is IMPORTANT not to store the cloth with the flute. This means inside the case and the instrument itself.

  • You can also purchase different sized swabs at your local music stores. These serve as an alternative material for cleaning out your flute.

  • In some instances you should consider using silk rather than cotton to clean your flute. This would make more sense if your flute is made out of wood.

Saving Your Pads