TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 13: Tips for Preparing for a New Student Orientation

Description: A new school year brings a sense of excitement, promise and anticipation. As a result, this special time also brings added anxiety for students, parents, and teachers. Fortunately, schools use the “new student orientation” as a tool to help clear up confusion and avoid any unnecessary panic. In today’s post we are recommending some helpful “Tips for Preparing for a New Student Orientation.”

Who is a Student Orientation Designed for?

What Should a New Student Orientation Include?

Music Educator learning and procedural objectives may include:

  • The general performance activity expectations of the music class.

  • The rehearsal schedule and performance requirements of the class.

  • Lifestyle expectations as a member of your performing group.

  • Rules and policies of the school and music program.

  • A summary of the required financial obligations.

  • A summary of how students will be graded.

Other common topics that you may choose to include in a new student orientation include:

  • Teacher and staff introductions.

  • Music or name-oriented icebreaker.

  • Explanation of team culture and growth mindset.

  • Possible extracurricular opportunities available to your students.

  • Tips for time-management and behavioral strategies.

Learning the System

Recommendations for Getting the Most Out of Student Orientations

#1 Work out the Logistics in Advance

#2 Understand Your School’s Orientation Program/ Process

#3 Dress Professionally

#4 Use the Opportunity to Meet New People

#5 Don’t Be Afraid to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

#6 Understand that there will be Downtime

#7 Get to know Your School as if You Were a Student

#8 Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

#9 Have Fun and Share the Energy!

Final Thoughts