TME Podcast Season 3, Ep. 2: Get More Student Engagement with Practopus

Description: Looking for more student engagement from your music students? Do you feel that student's practice work ethic is less than stellar? Practopus is a new digital tool that can help ease these burdens and help keep your students accountable. As a result, you will get more student engagement with Practopus. This mobile app will inspire your music students to practice and help them meet their commitments to you, the teacher.

The Challenge

The Mission

What The App Includes

Most importantly, Practopus was designed, built and tested by teachers.

The app includes:

  • A timer to time practice sessions and earn points (called clams)

  • Parent confirmation of practice sessions using a digital PIN

  • Additional assignments designated by the student's teacher

  • Detailed practice tracking and assignment history

  • A store where students "buy" digital items with their practice points

The Idea Of Practopus

Getting Started

Music Educator Benefits

Tracking Reports

Designate Tasks

Reward Students

Practice Tracking

Additional Practice Tasks

Inspire And Reward Students

Additional Benefits


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