TME Podcast Season 2, Ep. 5: Perform 97% Better By Following These 17 Pencil Drawing Techniques

Description: How can the following 17 rehearsal techniques using a pencil help you become a better musician? First, think about how can you improve. Are you a seasoned musician that performs for a living? Or perhaps you are a beginning music student in your school? Regardless of where your musical career is, the power of the pencil markings has a magical effect on improving your playing ability.

Pencil Drawing Techniques

  • Accidentals, Expression Markings

  • Highlight Articulation Markings

  • Circle Dynamics

  • Write Down Note Names for Hard to Read Divisi Parts

  • Rhythm Counting

  • Who to Listen to (Melody, Countermelody, Balance, Pitch)

  • When to Look Up at the Conductor

  • Add Measure Numbers

  • Breath Marks

  • Fingerings

  • Stylistic Cues (Performance Reminders)

  • Indicate Pitch Tendency (Sharp, Flat -use arrows)

  • Arrows or Signs to Direct the Eyes Where to Look (D.S. al Coda/ Dal Segno)

  • Break Up Long Multi-Measure Rests (To Match Musical Sections)

  • Add Rehearsal Sections (Into Smaller Parts. ie A1, A2, B1, B2)

  • Highlight Articulation Bowings

  • Any Location that Directs to Use Subito

  • Bowings

The Challenge


Pencil Shading Techniques

What Educators Are Saying

Survey Your Students

Get Personal

A Few Thoughts