TME Podcast Season 2, Ep. 4: 24 Best Practices in the Classroom

Description: Best Practices in the Classroom- What does the saying "best practices" instruction and teaching mean for an educator? Is it what works well for you or the educational community? Maybe they are just textbook answers. I think most people agree that the phrase "best practices" is not a set of actions but rather a series of steps taken by the teacher. This article will provide educators with a list of teaching strategies with a best practices focus.

Best Practices In The Classroom

  • Assessments

  • Essential Questions

  • Authentic Experiences

  • Integrated Technology

  • Student Research

  • Cooperative Learning

  • Recognizing Learning Styles

  • Portfolio Assessments

  • Teacher as a Coach

  • Alternative Assessments

  • Data-Driven Instruction

  • Recognizing Multiple Intelligence

  • Rubrics

  • Differentiated Instruction

  • Benchmark Testing

  • Tiered Instruction

  • Graphic Organizers

  • Inquiry-based Instruction

  • Scaffolding Instruction

  • Anchoring Activities

  • Student Directed Learning

  • Standards-Based Curriculum

  • Interdisciplinary Instruction

  • Project-Based Learning