TME Podcast Season 2, Ep. 20: 15 Relevant Educator Questions to Strengthen Student Enjoyment in Class

Description: 15 Relevant Educator Questions to Strengthen Student Enjoyment in Class" is an opportunity to highlight a teacher's internal dialogue to improve their teaching. That is to say; some teachers go into their classrooms cold, void from thoughtful planning, it is essential to carefully give thought to our teaching strategies so that students get value and enjoyment from our instruction.

Making Class Relevant

Questions to Strengthen Student Enjoyment in Class

1. How can I break up class routines by adding occasional novelty?

2. What activities can be used to cover content and make learning fun for my students?

3. How can I add the "wow" factor to my activities?

4. How can I use student seat-work to make class enjoyable?

5. How do I provide my students options for activities to choose?

6. How can I use open-ended questions to assess and engage my students?

7. How can I use multimedia to make learning fun for students?

8. How can I communicate my passion of class content to my students?

9. How do I learn about the activities my students enjoy doing Student Enjoyment?

10. How do I create lesson plans that intrigue and make my students yearn to learn more?

11. How can I include hands-on activities in the learning environment?

12. How can I ensure my students are learning and having fun at the same time?

13. How can I design the lesson so that my students are active partners in the learning process?

14. How can I review a lesson through activities that are interesting to my students?

15. How can I include the development of critical thinking skills into my instruction that requires my students to think in different ways?