TME Podcast Season 2, Ep. 19: 9 Approaches to Care and Protect Marimbas

Description: The marimba is a beautifully sounding mallet percussion instrument. Sadly many music educators do not possess the proper training and experience it takes to care and protect this magnificent instrument. Kevin Lucas' article, "How to Protect and Care for a Marimba" from the School Band and Orchestra magazine, October 2019, is the basis for this post. Kevin shares and recommends approaches on how to care and transport this fantastic instrument. This article will summarize and recognize the benefits of proper use of this instrument.

About Kevin Lucas

Marimba Care and Protection

1. Do not use the Marimba as a Table

2. Oiling Bars

3. Buy Cases!

4. Avoid Assembled Transportation

5. No Cases, Wrap Everything

6. Replace Rubber Washers

7. Have a Marching Band Frame Built

8. Replace Marimba Bars

9. Always Choose and Use Proper Mallets

Final Thoughts