TME Podcast Season 2, Ep. 18: 9 Common Flute Problems

Description: Musicians experience inherent instrument challenges. The flute is no exception. In "9 Common Flute Problems," we will identify what barricades musicians from perfecting their musical craft. These common problems include tonguing, air, control, fingering and other mechanical facets of the flute.

Common Problems

Foot and Body Rods Lined Up

Aperture Too Large

Covering Too Much of the Blowhole

Incorrect Holding Position

Incorrect holding position is always a concern for music educators. Check the following locations to correct:

  • The right arm is sitting on the chair. As a result, this causes the flute to roll out too far and creates a flat, stuffy tone.

  • The right index finger is resting on the rod to stabilize the flute.

  • The student musician starts using four points of balance rather than three.

  • The student slumps in the chair, promoting weak breathing, and the student rolls the flute inward too far.

Flute Needs Adjustment


Incorrect Tonguing

Soft Dynamics going Flat

Too Much Pressure

Lip Supported by the Tongue

Final Thoughts