TME Podcast Season 2, Ep. 17: 6 Productivity Enhancing Activities for Teachers

Description: In "6 Productivity Enhancing Activities for Teachers" is a reflection on the critical points in Elisa Janson Jones' article "Want Maximum Productivity and Progress? Do this" from the SBO September 2019 magazine. Jones wants us to reflect on our morning rituals. Studies show us how important the beginning of our day is. We often start meeting the demands of others rather than starting the day with activities that help us invest in ourselves, such as meditation, reading, recall, and writing a journal. As a result, it makes sense why so many people are stressed out and anxious.

1. Start with a hot drink

2. Get your body moving

3. Recall your reasons

4. Read

5. Write in your journal

Writing in a personal journal can have a variety of benefits. Jones identifies that journals have a history of assisting us in ways such as:

  • documenting our life experiences

  • evaluating our thoughts

  • a place to leave poetic art

  • processing our frustrations

  • celebrating our successes

  • and by creating a blueprint of our future plans.

Much like blogging, journals provide us the opportunity to find our voice and mentally process ways it is good.

6. Meditation