TME Podcast Season 2, Ep. 15: Tips for Brass Tone Production

Description: The number one most important musical element in performing is quality tone production. In this post, we will discuss issues and tips for brass instrument tone production. Each instrumental family produces sound in different ways. It is helpful to review what is necessary to create a fantastic tone, whether it is to create the perfect buzz, manipulate how to breathe, or change the mouthpiece pressure. A characteristic sound instantly sets apart the impact a brass musician has on his or her audience and the overall musical experience.

  • Tone Production

  • "To Buzz or Not to Buzz"

  • Oral Cavities

  • Breath Concept

  • Open Throat

  • Tonal Concept

  • Refining Your Tone

  • Mouthpiece Pressure

  • The Double Buzz

  • Final Thoughts