TME Podcast Season 2, Ep. 10: Inquiry into the Habits of a Significant Band Director

Description: Today we are going to conduct an inquiry into the habits of a significant band director. What makes a band director significant? What is needed to become significant? We will discuss all this, and more, as we inquire into the subject matter. Scott Rush, a presenter at the 2017 Midwest Clinic, is the respected authority this article is based on. Not only is Mr. Rush, a professional music educator but also a highly regarded author of several publications.

What is a Significant Band Director?

Habits Synergy Model

Scott Rush identifies a working system which he calls the Habit Synergy Model. In this model, the music educator evokes a journey through five essential practices.

  • Knowledge

  • Communication

  • Positive Energy

  • Musicianship, and

  • Who You Are

Part 1 – Knowledge

Components of Playing


(conference presentation pdf)

  1. Tone

  2. Timing

  3. Tuning

  4. Listening Skills

  5. Dynamics

  6. Phrasing

  7. Articulations – staccato, marcato, legato, slurred, various accents

  8. Rhythm

  9. Balance

  10. Blend

  11. Attacks

  12. Releases

  13. Duration of Notes

  14. Range

  15. Control

  16. Technique

  17. Tone Color – intensity, color spectrum, sonority

  18. Precision / Clarity / Accuracy

  19. Style


The Teaching Inventory Database

Part 2 – The Communicator

Guided Questions

Effective Communicator from the Podium

Mr. Rush cites Larry Livingston, who says that three things must be reflected in the persona of the conductor:

1. You need musical conviction.

2. You must thoroughly know the score.

3. You must reflect the musical intent.

Part 3 – Physical Energy

Part 4 – Heart Energy

Part 5 – Who You Are


Final Thoughts