TME Podcast Season 1, Ep. 1: 17 Test Techniques that can Help Any Music Program Grow

Description: Season 1, Episode 1 of the Music educator Podcast dives into 17 tested techniques that can help any music program grow.

When Presenting

1) Sell Yourself

2) Missing ???

3) Move Around and Be Seen

4) Sell the Hard Instruments

Host Events

5) Set-Up an Instrumental Petting Zoo

6) Host a 6th or 8th Grade Night

7) Have Your Group Visible in the Community

8) Set-Up a Concert that Show Levels in Your School District

9) Schedule and Set-Up an End-of-the-Year Music Competition

Behind the Scenes

10) Build a Culture of Success and Excellence

11) Follow Up

12) Don't Take Things Personally

13) Create the Ideal Mindset of Your Program

14) Engage Older Students to be Program Representatives

15) Increase Director Visibility

16) Call Parents About Student Progress

17) Send Out Regular Emails, Newsletters or Videos to Keep Your Parents Informed