Season 1 Ep 7 - 7 Revealing Beginner Saxophonist Problems

Description: This episode will explore the real life challenges for beginning saxophonists. What distractions keep us from being that next professional sax player? Find out here. Read More...

Season 1, Ep 6 Do Drummers Count

Description: This is a question that can be answered in many different ways. As a middle band director, I have had several drummers or more, specifically percussionists, fill my band rooms year after year. I say, percussionist because a drummer implies that we are teaching students who only play drums. It is my responsibility to educate the whole child and thus teach all of the appropriate percussion instruments. Many of these instruments are much more than just drums such as keyboards, electrophones, and a variety of "world instruments."


Season 1, Ep 5 End of the Year Reflections Part 2

Description: End of the Year Reflections for the Music Educator Part 2 - Calendar

  • Concert Schedule

  • Fundraisers

    • Paper Work Due Dates

    • Personal Non-Negotiables

    • Professional Development

    • Planning

    • Rehearsals

    • Stage Use

    • Booster Meetings

    • Guest Speakers and Artists

    • Field Trips

    • Social Activities


Season 1, Ep 4 End of the Year Reflections for the Music Educator Part 1

Description: Today we are going to take a moment to discuss a tremendously important task that all music directors should do at the end of the year. Reflect. End of the Year Reflections for the Music Educator, Part 1, is a post that will address the tasks that music teachers deal with throughout the year. Since this topic could span the length of a book, this topic will be split into multiple blog posts. Reflection contributes to the philosophy, professional development, and maturity of an effective music teacher, no matter what level he or she teaches. In part 1, we will reflect on prominent aspects of being a music teacher. You guessed right. MUSIC. Read more...

Season 1, Ep 3 - 13 Practical Ways Music Educators Earn Money

Description: Have you ever experienced a long week of teaching and have had little to no money to go out and relax? Or perhaps your paycheck is less than desirable and you struggle just to pay your bills? We have all experienced this at one point or another. Try to relax and discover 13 practical ways music educators earn extra money in their free time. Read more...

Season 1, Ep 2 - 7 Ways Music Educators Inspire Students

Description: Why do music educators inspire students? Is this purposeful or is it part of a natural relationship that evolves through instruction? If you have ever been a music student in a studio, college, public or private school you know that there are many more ways these selfless educators inspire and change the lives of our students on a daily basis. Read more...

Season 1, Ep 1 - 17 Tested Techniques that can Help Any Music Program Grow

Description: Season 1, Episode 1 of the Music educator Podcast dives into 17 tested techniques that can help any music program grow. Read more...