Hi everyone! My name is Bill Stevens and I am the man behind the microphone of The Music Educator Podcast. The Music Educator Podcast is on a mission to empower music students and educators in order for them to meet their highest potential as 21st century music teachers.

Like may of you I too am a music educator of 18+ years. I am currently a middle school band director and music technology teacher in Northern Virginia. I find tremendous value in every musical discipline and would love for you to share your story with the music educator community!

The Music Educator Podcast show goals include highlighting topics that examine the issues, professional growth skills and challenges associated with being 21st century music educators. This podcast is for all music specialties and discussion questions are always encouraged by listeners.

Some topics will focus specifically in certain musical disciplines, such as band, orchestra, choir, guitar or general music, whereas other topics maybe easily be  transferable to any class. Podcast episodes will be added weekly - averaging 10-40 minutes an episode and topic requests are welcomed

The Music Educator Podcast continues to grow daily and I hope that if a topic speaks to you I ask that you share the podcast with someone you feel could benefit from listening and subscribing to it.